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This is a test of the emergency doom broadcast system

Update on current plans (within plans within...): Please note these are not edicts from your chosen deity, but are definitely up for debate.
  • Two more potentials added to the list: vonnegut_5 and her boy, bringing the list (henceforth known as Focal Point A - Numbers) to:
    1. Adam

    2. Alison

    3. Bren

    4. Cass

    5. Kieren

    6. cass's friend Adam

    7. cass's Friend Chana

    1. Hexy ?

    2. Rhodri?

    3. Sharron?

    4. Sharron's Boy?

    5. Emily?

    6. John?

    7. Mads?

    8. Ash?

    9. Cryx?

    10. Vonnegut 5?

    11. Vonnegut 5's boy (JK)?

    Any more possibilities/definites?
  • House inspection is tomorrow at 3:30pm (now known as Focal Point B - Inspection). Current attendees include xenthar, anwyn18, hexyhex and possibly ahdoom (although I may be mistaken on that last one. anwyn18 has managed to go secretarial on the Real Estate, and so having people appearing as organized as possible seems to be important. They will be taking digital cameras, any other requests?
  • In terms of skill sets and personalities, I've noticed that we do have a whole bunch of techs, talkers and organisers, but not a huge number of tradespeople. I'm thinking that maybe getting some people who like woodwork/plumbing/etc may be useful. If anyone spots little holes like this, please point it out.
  • The Sutekhers are having a meeting tomorrow about their house stuff, I believe that we should also have a meeting about ours. When/where would be convenient? Would people be OK with going out to drinks with them on Friday to see if there isn't some common ground between the two groups?
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