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Organisation and Ideas Update

So it appears that we are not the only ones interested in starting a Mega Dooom House in this property...

HOWEVER, personally I think that we can still get it if we want it. We have the organisation, oh yes!

xenthar and I have been brainstorming like mad things, and I would like to hear feedback on our ideas from other interested parties. Ideas are as follows in no particular order.

- Even if we don't get our hands on this particular property, I think the idea of a housing/art/fun collective is an excellent one with lots of potential, and I have already sourced some alternative sites that I will link to once I have gotten some more details on them. Thus even if the initial spark for the idea gets snuffed, the idea will go on!

- To have a "share house" of this scale, especially one full of 'artistic types', I think there will have to be rather extensive rules. As anal as it might sound, I think getting together and drawing up a set of basic House Commandments that everyone has to sign before moving in would be an excellent idea. Example Commandments might be Thou Shalt Verbalise Annoyances or Thou Shalt Hold Thy Peace, or Thou Shalt Keep Thy Generalised Mess In Thy Own Room/s, etc etc.

- Since we will most likely be able to wrangle a Campbell's Cash and Carry account, we could organise a system whereby X amount is paid into an account weekly, and basic shopping is done as a group. That way we always have rice and beans to fall back on, and it will cost us very very little. Also people can still have their own juice and fancy ham or whatever the fuck they want without bickering over who spends more of the house budget. How much we pay, and what we would use the house budget for would have to be determined in more detail.

- If we end up with a house of seven or so, this might not be nessesary, but should Plan A go through and we DO get the original Mega House with 13-15 occupants, it has occured to us that a dedicated administrator would be a very handy thing to have. They could handle the accounts (ie who has paid what rent, chasing it up, letting people know when they are due to pay again, splitting the bills, chasing the money up, maiking sure essential services don't get cup off, keeping track of where house money goes so it's all nice and accountable in order to stave off drama), and even act as secretary if required for anyone wanting to run a business from home. Being the little AdminWhore that I am, I would be willing to fill this role in return for reduced rent.
(For those who don't know, my brain and full time work do not play well, so I am unlikely to have a full time job outside the house, and thus will have lots of time to do admin type stuff.I do however have a great deal of admin experience, and am quite capable of running a small office on my own)

- Cleaning. This could be a problem. It's something that drives people up the wall whether it's not done enough or done too much. Personally I'd like to take a Tough On Mess approach, at least in communal areas. No matter where we end up it is likely that we will have a fair amount of space each and so we can keep our pigginess to ourselves.
General cleaning up will however need to be done, but with this many people none of us should have to do a great deal. We could work out a roster of some kind. If you can't do your chore for whatever reason, I think you should have to organise for someone else to do it. If it happens a lot, maybe you should have to chip in money to pay a cleaner to do your chores for you.

- Noise is something else that could be a problem, but I think will pretty much have to be examined in the context of whatever venue we end up in. If we get the original Mega Dooom House, I'm thinking we just work out who works what hours, and try and group people with similar sleeping patterns around the same areas of the house to minimise noise when people are trying to sleep.

So, thoughts, opinions, expressions of excitement? Bring It On.
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