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A couple of quick updates regarding MegaDooomHouse:
  • Focal point B - Yesterday ahdoom  , anwyn18  , hexyhex  and xenthar  went with the agent to check out the place,
    only to discover that there were tenants still living there. Apparently the house is exactly what we hoped it would be. Everyone apparently managed to pull off an incredibly efficient and respectable impression (go you!), and the place is huge. It apparently will need a little bit of maintenance work on the kitchens and stuff, but this means that the owner is less likely to be too anal-retentive about us having parties and similar.
    Ethically, it will be a bit interesting with the current tenants, as it appears to be run as an international boarding house (hence the agent's reluctance to have "dorm-style accommodation"), which is currently 1 month behind in rent. This would probably have gotten me angry that they were trying to kick these people out, were it not that this means that the house is $8,000 behind in rent, and that the owner has just had two relatives move in from overseas (2x Permanent Visas and Airfares are likely to cost almost exactly the $8000).

    However: as Sutekh got informed by phone (causing them to panic and think we'd pulled a coup d'etat on them through our sheer awesomeness) the house is now off the market. Just how long this lasts is debatable, and especially at the scale that this project is moving, this presents a minor hiccup. The current tenant's lease finished in December, but there seems to be a very large possibility (as in: both the people doing the inspection yesterday and the agent think) that they will be kicked out for breach of contract before then.

    But, yes, spanner in the works, but definitely able to be fixed.

  • For several individuals, however, the issues outlined above pose larger problems, on the scale or "where are we going to live?!?"
    So - can I get from those people who are interested (even if this latest development fux yo' planz) end of lease dates/limiting factors on housing. I'm basically trying to establish a timeline of when we need to move.

    If we did need to move in to this place or somewhere else immediately, several people have had thoughts of how we could use the space to defer rental costs. I'm also sure that as a group we can find people places to be stashed on a temporary basis if they need it.

  • Project Managerz!!! Does you people have any suggestions about how to keep track of a project of this size, and keep it moving forward? I'm thinking Zoho Project, but Basecamp seems popular. I've signed up for both to try them (Zoho login, Basecamp login) - let me know if you are interested in managing this stuff and/or don't mind me delegating tasks to you through this thayng.

  • (At least some of) The Sutekhers want to meet up on Friday for further discussion. I know Rocky Anniversary and Hellfire are on that night, so where/when would be best for people?
On a final note - people got lost on the house inspection yesterday. It is apparently big enough to have turf wars (Westsiiiiiiiiideeee! \m/). It has also had "The Seminary" suggested as a tentative name (that apparently made hexyhex  cough milk from laughing, and therefore has ahdoom  's seal of approval).

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