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I talked to an actual real estate agent!

The snotty secretary voice works every time. So anyway, I actually got to speak to the agent in charge of the Plan A property, and he seems very not keen on the idea of "dorm style accomodation". When I 'explained' that we were thinking more of having five or so people living there full time and using the rest of the space to rent to other artists, he seemed happier. ANYWAY, he was supposed to give me a call back this afternoon because he had already left a message for the current tenants about an inspection tomorrow afternoon at three, and apparently they haven't gotten back to him yet.

SO. Thoughts. Who can make it tomorrow if the agent does call me back? Do we want to go ahead and look anyway even though we might have to tell white lies about how many people we want there and how we intend to use the space?
Personally I don't give a shit, but I understand this sort of thing really worries some people.

In the interests of keeping the ball rolling should people want to back out of Plan A, I have looked up some other properties currently for lease that I reckon would be feasible for 7-8 people.
First up, a lovely warehouse space. It appears to have one room already partitioned off, and says it has kitchen and bathroom. We would have to put in more rooms, but I think that would be heaps of fun anyways.

Can't really tell a lot about this one from the ad, but it is certainly afforable and might have potential.

What d'yall think?
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