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Thursday, May 17th, 2007
11:54 am
Yet Further Potential Resources
It just occurred to me that my boss shares an office with a commercial real estate agent. *facedesk* So if we want to look into a warehouse or commercial property option, I know someone!
Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
2:38 pm
A couple of quick updates regarding MegaDooomHouse:
On a final note - people got lost on the house inspection yesterday. It is apparently big enough to have turf wars (Westsiiiiiiiiideeee! \m/). It has also had "The Seminary" suggested as a tentative name (that apparently made hexyhex  cough milk from laughing, and therefore has ahdoom  's seal of approval).

Monday, May 14th, 2007
9:51 pm
This is a test of the emergency doom broadcast system
Update on current plans (within plans within...): Please note these are not edicts from your chosen deity, but are definitely up for debate.
  • Two more potentials added to the list: vonnegut_5 and her boy, bringing the list (henceforth known as Focal Point A - Numbers) to:
    Definites 7, Possibles 11Collapse )
  • House inspection is tomorrow at 3:30pm (now known as Focal Point B - Inspection). Current attendees include xenthar, anwyn18, hexyhex and possibly ahdoom (although I may be mistaken on that last one. anwyn18 has managed to go secretarial on the Real Estate, and so having people appearing as organized as possible seems to be important. They will be taking digital cameras, any other requests?
  • In terms of skill sets and personalities, I've noticed that we do have a whole bunch of techs, talkers and organisers, but not a huge number of tradespeople. I'm thinking that maybe getting some people who like woodwork/plumbing/etc may be useful. If anyone spots little holes like this, please point it out.
  • The Sutekhers are having a meeting tomorrow about their house stuff, I believe that we should also have a meeting about ours. When/where would be convenient? Would people be OK with going out to drinks with them on Friday to see if there isn't some common ground between the two groups?

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4:39 pm
I talked to an actual real estate agent!
The snotty secretary voice works every time. So anyway, I actually got to speak to the agent in charge of the Plan A property, and he seems very not keen on the idea of "dorm style accomodation". When I 'explained' that we were thinking more of having five or so people living there full time and using the rest of the space to rent to other artists, he seemed happier. ANYWAY, he was supposed to give me a call back this afternoon because he had already left a message for the current tenants about an inspection tomorrow afternoon at three, and apparently they haven't gotten back to him yet.

SO. Thoughts. Who can make it tomorrow if the agent does call me back? Do we want to go ahead and look anyway even though we might have to tell white lies about how many people we want there and how we intend to use the space?
Personally I don't give a shit, but I understand this sort of thing really worries some people.

In the interests of keeping the ball rolling should people want to back out of Plan A, I have looked up some other properties currently for lease that I reckon would be feasible for 7-8 people.
First up, a lovely warehouse space. It appears to have one room already partitioned off, and says it has kitchen and bathroom. We would have to put in more rooms, but I think that would be heaps of fun anyways.

Can't really tell a lot about this one from the ad, but it is certainly afforable and might have potential.

What d'yall think?
2:05 am
Keeping it real
OK folks, just to keep things in stream we should be focusing on:

a) Organizing sufficient numbers to make this a viable prospect

We have at the moment seven people who can solidly make the commitment to join this venture and another half dozen who are very interested provided their needs can be met, this is a great start but we need to make the maybes into a resounding enthusiastic 'Yes' and find a few more to fill the ranks, I leave it in your hands, you are the people that know people, cross post, discuss, proposition, use your feminine/masculine whiles for viable candidates. Ideally were looking for a full list of 13-15 people, 13 being the minimum number we need for everyone currently interested to be able to reasonably afford in, fifteen being the limits of comfort given the space (we presume) is available (pending an inspection and a few months of cohabitation to get our bearings).

b) Inspecting the property and beginning a dialog with the Estate Agent

xenthar will be contacting the Agent first thing Monday to organize an inspection for sometime this week, anwyn18 should be available during the second half of the week (correct me if I'm wrong), and hexyhex has said she would make some time, I will be available to join them almost all of this week, and I'll bring my camera along with me so we can post pics to show you all what the place looks like. We'll also try to get our feelers out as to what the Agent will need in terms of application details, references and employment histories, which may be problematic given the number of non wage slaves that we have. Any questions you want us to ask, post them and we'll do our best to have your questions answered.

As enticing as it is to talk possibilities, what to use rooms for, work from home options, parties, events, functions, how many fridges we'll need, whether we'll have to campaign the UN to recognize us as an independent nation state etc... its all going to count for naught but an interesting bit of mental gymnastics if we cant get a) and b) sorted.

There is a possibility of joining the Sutekh (Sydney Uni Roleplaying and Pop-Culture Society) effort, there is the possibility of pooling available people to make it work, but at the moment, its just a possibility with no indication from their people for or against. We are looking for slightly different things from this property, they are steering for a lowest cost non-collective model, closest comparison I can think of is University Dormitory/Fraternity House, whereas we are looking at having a bit more space per-person and a more collective approach. Both have their merits, if we need to make a decision between options we will do it at a later time when we have a) and b) more definite. They are meeting up on Tuesday evening after which hopefully we will have a clearer picture of if we can combine efforts or if they will be applying for the property on their own.

Aaand that's it for the moment I think.

As said, any questions you want answered, shoot them through here or grab anwyn18 or ahdoom online/in real life.
Sunday, May 13th, 2007
5:35 pm
That would be an ecumenical matter!
Hey - just a quick note to let you know I'm here.
This is Tom from Sutekh - the geeks who stumbled onto the Megadooomhouse/Sutekh Mansion a little after you guys.

Our discussion of the subject is all public, at
but I'll summarise it anyway.

Our current model involves around 20 residents organised as a co-op or association. Most of our proposed residents are students, either at Sydney Uni or elsewhere, so we've basically been working on the assumption that we were going to rent the property, and cover most of the administrative/organisational requirements by using volunteers and house committees. We definitely don't have the resources to buy it. Price is a significant factor for many of those interested, which is the reason that we've gone for 20 initially. We're more worried about it falling over on account of financial mishap than through personality clashes - after all, it's a big house with lots of room to avoid people.

We were looking at keeping it pretty strictly residential, because a number of people were worried about using common areas where strangers might have access.

We've got 14 people reasonably solidly interested, although we're currently weeding that down to those who are *definitely* interested, so I expect 2 or 3 to drop off.

There is some concern - as I expect there is on your side as well - about whether we want to team up or not; particularly as we seem to have pretty different visions of how the house should work (pricing+business plans, chiefly), quite apart from the fact that together, we've got more people than the house could reasonably hold. We're having a meeting on Tuesday night to work out whether people are cool with a shared plan or not; but if not, then I guess no hard feelings, whoever gets it. We don't want to compete, though, or give the agent leverage to jack up the price on you guys, so if it falls through for us we'll let you know ASAP.


P.S. Feel free to kick me off the list if you need privacy.
5:57 pm
And the negotiations begin...
Since one of our largest problems at the moment seems to be insufficient numbers, I have approached one of the rival groups vying for our A list property. Turns out they have almost equal committed numbers as we do, bringing us up to a very respectable total. I forwarded them an outline of my thoughts on the project so far, a fleshed out version of my earlier post. Copy is below under the cut if anyone wants to read it through.

At the very least, it got a whole bunch of my ideas straight.Collapse )

I'm not sure if a joint effort would work out - there might be too much distrust on both sides to create a workable group. However, it would be a great way to make up the numbers, and having more than one social group could actually make the house a little more stable because even if one social group goes boom, it's only half the house instead of the whole thing.

Anyway, am tired now. Someone else think!

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2:35 pm
Debating Room
ebon_phoenix and I were just in the middle of a heated discussion over vaccination, and it occured to us that given how many people in Project MegaDooomHouse love to debate, we should probably have a dedicated debating room people can be sent to. It would of course have to have a computer to access Google, and a chairperson must be aquired or the debate must cease. I also think housemates not involved in the debate should be able to send people to the Debate Room for the sake of peace and quiet. Whaddya think? *huge grin*

(ebon_phoenix would like to add that more that one Debate Room might have to be set aside in order to debate the sending of people to the Debate Room)
12:39 pm
Organisation and Ideas Update
So it appears that we are not the only ones interested in starting a Mega Dooom House in this property...


HOWEVER, personally I think that we can still get it if we want it. We have the organisation, oh yes!

xenthar and I have been brainstorming like mad things, and I would like to hear feedback on our ideas from other interested parties. Ideas are as follows in no particular order.

- Even if we don't get our hands on this particular property, I think the idea of a housing/art/fun collective is an excellent one with lots of potential, and I have already sourced some alternative sites that I will link to once I have gotten some more details on them. Thus even if the initial spark for the idea gets snuffed, the idea will go on!

- To have a "share house" of this scale, especially one full of 'artistic types', I think there will have to be rather extensive rules. As anal as it might sound, I think getting together and drawing up a set of basic House Commandments that everyone has to sign before moving in would be an excellent idea. Example Commandments might be Thou Shalt Verbalise Annoyances or Thou Shalt Hold Thy Peace, or Thou Shalt Keep Thy Generalised Mess In Thy Own Room/s, etc etc.

- Since we will most likely be able to wrangle a Campbell's Cash and Carry account, we could organise a system whereby X amount is paid into an account weekly, and basic shopping is done as a group. That way we always have rice and beans to fall back on, and it will cost us very very little. Also people can still have their own juice and fancy ham or whatever the fuck they want without bickering over who spends more of the house budget. How much we pay, and what we would use the house budget for would have to be determined in more detail.

- If we end up with a house of seven or so, this might not be nessesary, but should Plan A go through and we DO get the original Mega House with 13-15 occupants, it has occured to us that a dedicated administrator would be a very handy thing to have. They could handle the accounts (ie who has paid what rent, chasing it up, letting people know when they are due to pay again, splitting the bills, chasing the money up, maiking sure essential services don't get cup off, keeping track of where house money goes so it's all nice and accountable in order to stave off drama), and even act as secretary if required for anyone wanting to run a business from home. Being the little AdminWhore that I am, I would be willing to fill this role in return for reduced rent.
(For those who don't know, my brain and full time work do not play well, so I am unlikely to have a full time job outside the house, and thus will have lots of time to do admin type stuff.I do however have a great deal of admin experience, and am quite capable of running a small office on my own)

- Cleaning. This could be a problem. It's something that drives people up the wall whether it's not done enough or done too much. Personally I'd like to take a Tough On Mess approach, at least in communal areas. No matter where we end up it is likely that we will have a fair amount of space each and so we can keep our pigginess to ourselves.
General cleaning up will however need to be done, but with this many people none of us should have to do a great deal. We could work out a roster of some kind. If you can't do your chore for whatever reason, I think you should have to organise for someone else to do it. If it happens a lot, maybe you should have to chip in money to pay a cleaner to do your chores for you.

- Noise is something else that could be a problem, but I think will pretty much have to be examined in the context of whatever venue we end up in. If we get the original Mega Dooom House, I'm thinking we just work out who works what hours, and try and group people with similar sleeping patterns around the same areas of the house to minimise noise when people are trying to sleep.

So, thoughts, opinions, expressions of excitement? Bring It On.

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